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Dog training
is a process where the dog learns to obey various commands by his teacher. These commands may vary to say 'sit' to sit the dog to "fight" for the dog to chase intruders. Dogs can be trained for different tasks, including surveillance at home, rescue, hunting, etc. What to do, but domestic dogs are often trained to protect the house. His training in a wide range of activities, ranging from the reaction to a doorbell to the homeowner to warn as unwanted intruders.

Signs of labor training to teach dogs are fun and easy to understand for most dogs. Case to do is plug your absolute fist hand signals gradually repeat the system and slow destruction of the verbal command, if only you want to train your dog hand signals. You need to use both together, hand signals and verbal dog obedience commands. If you train your pet, it is better than the first order better to teach the technique encampment.

Training a dog is as much about the training that is because teaching your dog. Everything depends on you to ensure that all borders are reinforced with positive reinforcement and rewards. Also up to you to reward your dog for good behavior, such as lying quietly at his feet, come when called, or sit to greet people. A good method is to praise your dog

when he does something right. For example, if you are prompted to "stay", be sure to praise your dog while remaining in that position. Here are some basics of dog training to begin with. To build and improve their methods, you can always consult a trainer